Terms & Conditions

Pricing, shipping, deliveries and payments

Current prices are available on and are updated online. Prices are stated in Euro and excludes VAT.

No shipping charges are added. All deliveries are made by e-mail after charging have been accepted.

Payment is made by card and after the charging, we confirm the order, and start the delivery of the report by e-mail.

Responsibility for errors and complaints

At demo reports are available showing the content in each report. The customer has the ability in case of errors, free of charge, during a 30-day period after delivery, to change the registered data. This option is available in a link in the delivery mail.

Limitation of liability

BisValue International AB, under no circumstances shall be liable, for indirect damage, or for consequential damage such as, but not limited to, non-profit, loss of production, reduced sales or revenues, barriers to fulfilling commitments to third parties, or reduced use of the reports.

BisValue International AB is not liable for loss or damage caused by impossibility or difficulty in using the reports or information. BisValue International AB liability for damage and loss is limited to the value of the ordered report which gave rise to the claim.


In all matters relating to delivery, payment complaint and such, Customer shall contact BisValue, e-mail: In all contacts, order numbers should be stated.