Explore the value of your company

BisValue provides you with a comprehensive valuation report on your company within minutes,
at a fraction of the regular cost.

Business valuation – a wise investment.

  • Find out what your business is worth today.
  • Track the change in value year by year.
  • Plan for increasing the value of your business.
  • Influence the value of the business through different measures.
  • Achieve the desired value for the business.
Valuation based on your needs

Select which business valuation you wish to order – Value Indicator or Target Value. We also have demo versions of both services that you can view before ordering.

A reliable model

Our advanced valuation model was developed by our chief analyst Tomas Hjelström. He holds a PhD and is also a lecturer and researcher at Stockholm School of Economics.

Report emailed within minutes

We email your business valuation straightaway. All you need to do is enter the necessary company information, make your order and you’ll receive the report.

What is your business really worth?

A business valuation is key to knowing how your business is doing. It’s a little like a health check for your business.

We are a global provider of business valuations. With BisValue, you choose what type of valuation you want – for only €195. Our Value Indicator service provides you with historical and future performance charts for your business. Our Target Value service tells you what is needed to increase the value of your business.

You receive the report as a PDF file within minutes. Straight to your inbox. A modern valuation service, just as it should be.

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How it works


View the demo report

We offer two different valuation services: Value Indicator and Target Value. See our demo versions to view the content of our reports.


Enter information

To carry out the valuation we need information from the most recent annual accounts and your future forecasts.



We ensure you can pay quickly and securely using a payment solution from PayEx.


Receive the report

Once payment has been made, the valuation is emailed to you straightaway in PDF format.

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